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  Some Biomove 3000 and Biomove 5000 Questions.

Think it! Move It!
This is perhaps the best way to think about the Biomove device. When you think about moving a muscle and the device detects that electromyographic (EMG) signal in that muscle, the Biomove then sends a stimulation signal to that muscle to cause it to contract providing positive reinforcement by active bio-feedback. In most cases, repetitive use causes the brain to assign new brain cells to control that muscle.

How much is the Biomove?
The price of the Biomove 3000 and the Biomove 5000 can be found at our ordering page: See (ORDER PAGE).

The Biomove 5000 price $3,950.00 plus $80.00 shipping and handling shipped to most locations in the world. For customers in the USA, we do have cash discounts.

Take a look at our Order Online <Click here> for more details.

What other costs can I expect?
Most people can get up to one month's usage from a set of three electrodes. Three sheets of four electrodes (twelve in total) are shipped with each unit and additional sheets can be ordered online or by a quick phone call to us. Check our order page for current electrode pricing. <Click Here>

What are the Biomove used for?
The FDA (510K) lists the indications for use as,

  • "Stroke Rehabilitation by Muscle Re-education"
  • "Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy"
  • "Increasing local blood circulation"
  • "Muscle re-education"
  • "Maintaining or increasing range of motion"

Biomove 3000 - Click here to see the complete FDA listing.
Biomove 5000 - Click here to see the complete FDA listing.

Will I become dependent on the device?
In a word, No! The Biomove devices are training devices that help the brain re-connect to the paralyzed muscle(s) by developing alternative neural pathways from the brain to the muscle(s). The user will find that after some time they will no longer need the device, but this varies for each individual patient and may take weeks to months. Once the brain “sees” that it can move a muscle it develops the ability to increase the electrical activity within the muscle(s).

Do I need a prescription?

Can I use the Biomove 3000 or Biomove 5000 at home?
Of course! Both the
Biomove 3000 and the Biomove 5000  are specifically designed for home use. The easy controls and size make it ideal for home use. Use at home is absolutely essential for most patients as the Biomove should be used at least twice a day, every day. Most people cannot visit a clinic that often,

I had my stroke many years ago, will the Biomove help me?
The answer is either yes, maybe or probably depending on other factors. The more delay before treatment begins post-stroke usually means the muscles have not been used or exercised so muscle recovery can take longer. Some people who experienced a stroke over five years ago have been helped with the Biomove 3000.

The Biomove 3000 needs to receive (pick up) a small electrical signal from the muscle being stimulated. If this signal,  (more than 2 micro volts) is present then the Biomove 3000 can react to it and generate the stimulation required. If one has some movement in the muscle then the likelihood of success is much higher. Muscle spasticity can also be a challenge, the muscle stimulation and personal exercise will help reduce muscle spasms.

Is this a TENS unit?
No this is NOT a TENS unit
. A TENS unit is designed for pain relief, not muscle stimulation. A TENS unit has no sensors! The Biomove 3000 detects small EMG (ElectroMyoGraphic) signals from the muscles are reacts to them.
Click here for a  discussion about TENS, ES, FES and EMG triggered NMES.

Who should NOT use the Biomove units?

  • The user must have reasonable cognitive skills and be able to understand how to apply and use the Biomove 3000:
  • Sometimes the very old and infirm are not perfect candidates for this technology.
  • It should not be used by persons / users with cardiac demand pacemakers.
  • EMG triggered muscle stimulators are also contraindicated in cases of lack of motivation; the user must be capable of understanding the operating instructions.

Will you bill my insurance company?
Sorry we do not bill insurance companies for the Biomove units.

What if the Biomove does not help me?
We provide a thirty day evaluation period during which time the Biomove 3000 can be returned (with a re-stocking fee). Please see our returns policy on our Customer Service page.


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