Stroke Rehab System for cva stroke recovery called Biomove 3000

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  Amjo Corp is a distributor of many products most of which are related to the healthcare field. We offer lights for seasonal affective disorder, UV lights for personal tanning, specialized UV lights for the treatment of several skin challenges such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and several others.

Click here - For a more detailed background on Amjo Corp and its founder.

Click here - For a more detailed look at the background of Curatronic,
                     the developer and maker of the Biomove 3000

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UV Phototherapy:  UVB Narrow Band Phototherapy
Facial Sunlamps:  Facial Sun Lamps
Lights for SAD:  Seasonal Affective Disorder Products
Detect Smokers Lighting Up:  Cigarette Smoking Detector
Curatron Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

We are dedicated to provide a very high service level and strive to provide the utmost in customer care. Please visit our contact page and send us a note, we will gladly share more about us, our products and our accomplishments with you.

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