Stroke Rehab System for cva stroke recovery called Biomove 3000

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Offered by: Amjo Corp, the company with the sunny disposition!

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Background information CHRIS CANE AND AMJO CORP.

Amjo Corp was founded initially as a hobby by Chris and Cheryl Cane in 1998. Chris has been a computer hobbyist since 1977 when he purchased his first PC. He explored ways to use the micro-computer in his various sales and marketing jobs in the high power RF, radar and communications world to make his job easier.

In the mid nineties a friend introduced him to the world of the internet and  in 1997 he registered his first domain name ( Back then the internet was not too crowded and he was able to get a vanity plate in cyberspace with his own name.

The internet hobby continued for a while until a friend challenged him to start selling his  products on the net. Cane's first commercial website was Many mini-businesses followed which can be found by checking out The largest mini-business for Amjo is UV (Ultraviolet Phototherapy) systems for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and other skin challenges. The home page for the UV Phototherapy can be found at or its alias

The Biomove 3000 venture began for Amjo Corp when a long time business associate Ben Philipson of Curatronic Ltd. in Israel told Mr. Cane of his work with an EMG triggered NMES device for stroke rehab. The rest is history, Mr. Philipson's website is and you are now visiting our site. Thankyou)

Brief Resume of Chris Cane

Born: Bristol England 1947
Citizenship: Canadian with US "Green Card"
Education: High School Completed 1964
  University of New Brunswick (Canada) 1965-66
Mr. Cane did not complete his undergraduate degree but did complete several courses in physics, chemistry, and business at several night schools in his early career.
Bell Canada: 1966-1669 - Technician (Montreal Canada)
Federal Electric: 1969-1970 - DEW Line radar & communications technician (Cape Dyer Baffin Island.
Marconi: 1969-1972 - FPTS Tropo Scatter Tech (Goose Bay Canada)
Motorola: 1972-1974 - Marketing/Product Support for Radar Positioning Systems and Communications. (Toronto Canada)
Varian Associates: 1974-1982 - Canadian Sales Manager - Electron Device Group (Toronto Canada)
1982-1984 - Eimac Division - Power Grid Products Sales Manager (Salt Lake City Utah)
Richardson Electronics: 1984-1990 -  Canadian Sales Director (Toronto Canada)
1990-1999 - VP Sales and Industrial Business Unit Manager (Chicago Illinois)
Comet: 1999 - 2003 - Business Manager - High Power Vacuum Capacitors. (Cincinnati Ohio)
Amjo Corp: 1998 .... Amjo opened its doors
1998 .... Started
1998 .... Started
1999 .... Started
2004 .... Started
2005 .... Started
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