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As a medical professional, you understand that suffering a stroke can be severely debilitating, frustrating, and costly. Stroke or Brain Attack is the leading cause of long-term disability in the US with current statistics indicating that there are over 4.5 million Americans who have survived a stroke and are living with the after-effects. According to the National Stroke Association, only 10% of stroke survivors recover almost completely.

Today, the chances of full stroke recovery and stroke rehabilitation with post-stroke home treatment for paralyzed muscles are being improved with the advanced Biomove 3000 Stroke Rehabilitation system, the first such device specially developed specifically for home therapy after stroke. Background Muscle movement is caused by electrical impulses originating in the brain, which are transmitted via nerve cells to the muscles. When a person wishes to initiate muscle movement, the brain sends electrical signals to the muscles. Upon arrival of these signals, the muscles respond by contracting.

The electrical muscle signals can be measured and they are called electromyographic signals: EMG. If, because of brain damage caused by a stroke, regular electrical impulses are not generated or they can no longer reach muscles, normal muscle contraction becomes impossible. Although there are mostly minuscule “left over” EMG signals, these are very often extremely small and unable to control muscles. This often leads to irreversible damage and loss of muscle function, resulting in muscle paralysis, such as “claw” hand or “drop foot” (gait problems). With the Biomove 3000 System, Paralysis of muscles can often be prevented if the patient is offered the possibility to re-learn the use of the affected muscles by improving electrical muscle activity. This goal is achieved by combining EMG measurement and NMES muscle stimulation technologies in the Biomove system. The response to the Biomove has been enthusiastic. Prof. James Stephens of the Physical Therapy Department at Temple University’s College of Health Professions tested the device and deemed it the best system he has seen in terms of ease and simplicity of use for the patient.


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