Stroke Rehab System for cva stroke recovery called Biomove 3000

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a stroke?
  2. What is a CVA?
  3. How is stroke rehabilitation done?
  4. What is EMG?
  5. What is NMES?
  6. What is the difference between NMES, NMS, FES and ES?
  7. What is EMG triggered NMES?
  8. Is EMG triggered NMES, EMS and ETEM similar?
  9. What is the basic idea behind the Biomove?
10. What has this method to do with biofeedback?
11. Why is it important to regain anew control of paralyzed muscles?
12. Do I use the Biomove in addition to regular therapy?
13. Why are clinical systems mainly used at some rehab centers?
14. Do I need a therapist to set up the Biomove system for me?
15. How easy is the Biomove to use?
16. How soon after a stroke can I start using the Biomove?
17. What about motivation to continue training over time?
18. What success rate maybe expected?
19. What can I expect from increased EMG activity?
20. How long after a stroke can muscle movement improve?
21. What about dropping hand?
22. What about gait?
23. Can I "build-up" muscle strength?
24. Do my muscles get tired during the training?
25. How long is a training session?
26. How often should I use the Biomove?
27. For what period of time should I continue using the system?
28. Does the stimulation impulse hurt?
29. Can I change the length of the stimulation impulse?
30. Can I use the muscle stimulator (NMES) part separately?
31. Can I use the EMG part separately for biofeedback?
32. What is the normal amount of electricity in a muscle?
33. How much electricity is still available in paralyzed muscles?
34. Is this sufficient to be detected by the Biomove?
35. Will electromagnetic pulses disturb the good working?
36. How is the unit connected to the muscles?
37. How do I know when the stimulator gives an impulse?
38. What is included with the system?
39. What kind of battery is used?
40. How do I know when to change the battery?
41. Why is your system substantial cheaper than other systems?
42. Does this mean that other systems offer more?

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