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Letter received from Bne Zion Medical Center October 19th 2005


Mr. Ben Philipson

Curatronic Ltd.


Subject: Evaluation for use of Biomove 3000 device


In my function as director for two therapy centers I am responsible for the medical rehabilitation of Bne Zion hospital in Haifa and for the Israeli northern section of Maccabi HMO.

Over the last 3 months my group has been treating stroke patients with the help of muscle stimulation for both spastic and weak muscles after CVA.

Our experience during this time clearly shows that EMG-triggered muscle stimulation is beneficial for therapy of spastic muscles:

  1. The patient shows improvement  in a relatively short period of time compared to other treatment technologies
  2. Motivation improves in patients who use the Biomove
  3. Experience in the past using only muscle stimulation technique, e.g. the ***** rehabilitation system, did not show satisfactory results
  4. Experience so far shows that for home use of the device by patients, instructions for precise placement of electrodes is advised to obtain correct and useful treatment
  5. Treatment has been under supervision of physiotherapists who are specialized in electrotherapy.


I will be pleased to continue follow up of the treated patients and I strongly recommend the use of the Biomove 3000 therapy device for post stroke therapy.


Kathlyn Goldenberg, M.D.
Director of Rehabilitation,
Bne Zion Hospital &
Maccabi HMO, Northern Section.


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***** Competitor name removed as a courtesy, this firm makes a neuroprosthetic and rehabilitation (NP&R) system.


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